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Vistaform Professionals Inc. is a leading Canadian consulting firm specializing in the banking and financials services sector.  We have been collaborating with our clients for over 15 years, helping them form their vision, translating their objectives into actionable plans and implementing their future.  At Vistaform, each project is tailored to meet a clients business needs. All projects deliver predictable outcomes, clear status visibility, early delivery of critical functionality, and continuous control of cost and schedule.

Vistaform's approach to software development and project management emphasizes the use of modern structured analysis techniques, object oriented design methods and a software engineering environment that supports proven practices. These programming practices, standards, and conventions will ensure the capability of supporting the changes and needs of the product throughout its mission lifetime.

Vistaform clients have complex and diverse functional requirements for their applications. Experience combined with a deep understanding of a wide variety of technologies provides clients everything they need to successfully create and deploy their web applications. The ability to pull together diverse skills in database design, visual design, and system architecture is why some of North America’s leading companies have relied on Vistaform. Recent Vistaform projects include business solutions developed for:

TD Bank  
  • Enterprise Risk Management dashboard solution
  • Basel II program and project management 
  • Basel II credit risk reporting solution
  • Basel II Pillar III public disclosure reporting
  • Credit risk analysis
  • Enterprise project management solution
TD Securities
  • Derivatives trading system development
Nesbitt Burns
  • Hedging and margining solution for large clients
Investment Dealers Association
  • Payments and Issue tracking intranet solution
Canadian Investor Protection Fund
  • Web based form filing application for the investment industry
Manulife Reinsurance
  • Reinsurance data warehouse and ETL process
Watt International
  • Digital asset management solution 
  • Integration with project management solution
Bernard Hodes Advertising
  • Award winning job posting and tracking solution
Other clients include:  Credit Valley Hospital, INTRIA HP, Canadian Health Network, Canadian Bankers Association, Equinox Financial, Ontario Ministry of Farming and Rural Affairs, Zeneca Pharma

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